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Crime Solution: A 40-year Journey Finding the Solution to the Nation's Crime Problem

Crime Solution

The latest book from Lee R. Kerr is available now in Paperback and on Kindle from Amazon.

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Author L.R. Kerr is an attorney residing in Texas, licensed in Texas, and originally from Montana. This attorney has 40 years of prior experience including law enforcement and the military, with extensive career experience as an investigator and prosecutor. His interests are diverse, including history, science, photography, art, archaeology, spirituality, writing, painting, and travel, making him a uniquely qualified author.

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Spanning theology and crime, to the lost city of Atlantis, L. R. Kerr writes about his interests based on his prior experience.His works include the GINAN (God Is Not A Noun) theology series which includes four books, with the first being his best-known work.

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Theology Series

Consisting of four books, the GINAN series started with "God Is Not A Noun: Evolutionaries Illuminati Cosmic Bible", a provocative new Secular Bible debunks and promotes rethinking all societies fundamental religious mythologies, including the very word and concept of God.Other books in the series include the "Truth about Spirituality", the "Truth About Religion" and "Islam: The Truth".Lee writes about the subjects that interest him, with a focus on his prior life experience and expertise. and personal interests. His first seminal work was "God Is Not A Noun", which was later updated and republished as "The Evolutionaries Pantheist Bible", which is a historical view of religion through his pantheist views, it is a fictional conversation between a father and son explaining the evolution of religion and the mythology's that they're based upon.The books entitled the truth about religion, the truth about spirituality, and Islam the truth, are all derivative works, convinced and topic-driven.

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The second seminal work that Lee authored was Crime Solution, which was his personal journey of 40 years of a legal career in law enforcement that led him to the conclusion that the system is beyond broken and needs drastic reform, with the proposal on how reform will be achieved, with a call to action.

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Based on his own personal interest, his look at the fall of the lost kingdom of Atlantis titled "Atlantis: Aftermath" focuses on the investigation and the possible truth behind the Atlantis mythology. Building on his passion for archaeology and history, with his dedication to research, Lee traveled around the Mediterranean as well as Europe to reach what he sees as the truth behind Atlantis.

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Other Works

Lee's other works include a how-to guide for the DIY homeowner.One of these focuses on how to hard finish a soft pinewood floor. The reason for this work was that he had undertaken a project in a newly purchased home and decided to do the work himself, documenting the project as there was little information on how to properly finish a soft pinewood board floor so the floor would have a varnish-like hard finish good he desired.How To Install & Finish a Pine Floor by a Weekend Warrior Homeowner

How To Install A Pine Floor

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